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Pictures From Post Merger Days
CSX Transportation

Jacksonville Union Station - Jacksonville Terminal Company

The Fruit Growers Express Company

These logos are familiar to any of you that have followed the railroads and or are actually "railfans". The Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Lines' merged in 1967 to form the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. The SCL then merged with several others to form the present day CSX Corporation. The Railway Express Agency has long since been gone. Even the venerable Southern Railway has merged with the Norfolk & Western to form the Norfolk Southern. The Florida East Coast Railway, although still an individual entity, has a new operating symbol.
These original symbols had character and class, in identifying unique railroads.

How wonderfully nostalgic and truly heartwarming it would be, to see these current companies begin to reestablish these old logos and the original paint schemes, on at least a few locomotives, rail cars, buildings, and signs!

There is no way that anyone could mistake which companies owned and operated these resources, and this approach could only help to promote the current corporations, and further endear their many loyal supporters.

You have no doubt seen a freight train without a caboose. It just isn't as attractive as it used to be. The giant railroads have made their point in cost efficiency by eliminating that little last car and the folks who worked in them, replaced only by a small blinking EOT red light device! Lock it up or weld it shut to eliminate the possibility of any "hobo" jumping on for a free ride, but please, start pulling a caboose behind those freights!

John A. Leynes Jr.
March 2004