The Little Train at Mandarin Florida


A number of years back as a highway engineer for Florida DOT, I worked on the original four-laning of SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) thru Mandarin.  While clearing the land for the new highway I spotted on the ground vestiges of the old Mandarin railroad bed, which brought back memories when I was a young child.  I picked up two of the small railroad spikes which I intended to have plated and use as paper weights.  I have never gotten around to the plating, but occasionally I see them in the back of my desk drawer and remember again the old Mandarin Railroad.  These railroad spikes are a gift to you.

Frank H. Wilson II, PE

Fred Wilson & Associates, Inc.

Consulting Engineers

3970 Hendricks Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32207-5398


Frank, I can't tell you how much these spikes have meant to the folks following this history!

Thank you SO much for your considerate donation of these artifacts from the little train!

Spikes shown with modern day "screw spike", same length as older style spikes.


Note: I plan to mount these spikes in a display case and one will be

placed with the Mandarin Museum & Historical Society for viewing.