The Little Train at Mandarin Florida

Hi John

My brother sent me a link to your site the other day and "What A Trip Down Memory Lane!"

My parents used to take us to ride the train after church on Sundays. After services at St. Joseph's Catholic church we would go ride the "Little Train." I am 55 but remember it like it was yesterday. Our parents would buy us popcorn, snow cones and a ticket on the train. And, If we were really good, we'd get to ride twice. All of my brothers and sisters would ride along with our parents. Even though the train is gone you can still see where the tracks ran in certain places behind the stores that now occupy the old "Little Train Depot."  What a great time in our lives. It's a shame our kids and grandkids can't experience a family outing like this today. Everything today is way too impersonal and commercial. I hope others will write in an share their experiences.

Please keep me updated on any updates to this site.


David M. Blumberg
Brothers - Leo & Robert
Sisters - Janet & Linda
Parents - Mary Louise Blumberg & Marvin Bernard Blumberg
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