The Little Train at Mandarin Florida

We read with interest the article on the Mandarin railroad.  We were neighbors of the Wards when we were a young couple.  They lived on Birkenhead Road, just behind Pop Berrier's.  If you are from the Westside you know where that was.  Their dog's name was "Duke" and he road the train with Ward.  His wife's name was Susie. 

Ward actually made that train himself and he showed my husband how he hand cast the wheels out in the workshop behind his house.   

When they were ready to retire they shipped the train to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They brought the train over to the house before it was shipped out.  They sold their house and moved to Franklin, North Carolina where he had a brother who owned a little group of vacation cabins on the Tennessee River called, appropriately, Ward's Cabins. We visited them there when our children were small. He was ill at that  time. 

Susan McLeod
St. Johns County.