The Little Train at Mandarin Florida


Robert Dukes, my father, spoke to you the other night he believes in regards to the color postcard on the front page of the River Bend Review.  In the picture, my dad is the 9 year old little boy standing in the front in the yellow shirt next to the conductor. The man sitting in the second row back directly behind the conductor in the white shirt , brown hat, was his Grandfather, Fleming H Bowden Sr.

The picture was taken in either 1952 or 1953. My dad and his cousins used to clean up trash after the closing of the day in exchange for a bag of popcorn from Mr. Ward.

I do know he was very mischievous when he was young and lived close to the track. As a child I can remember him telling stories of how he would dress up and jump out of bushes and such to "surprise" the passengers with a "spear" display made from dog fennel's.

He has fond memories of this time and enjoyed speaking with you.


Sincerely , Shelly Davis