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The selections on this page are comprised of very large files. They take a long time to download, "high bandwidth". Do not try these selections unless you have a high speed access line! In the not too distant future, our existing dial telephone network will be replaced completely by these new high speed digital networks. You may want to consider changing your Internet access facility now. There is a truly amazing amount of good and useful information awaiting your discovery! (JALJR - 2004)

Music MP3 File (1.54 MB) N.B.Forrest High School, Jax Fla. 1966.
Sentimental Journey
"Counting every mile of railroad track that takes me back...."
Copyrighted & Used with Permission of Mr. Clem A. Boatright Sr - Director.

Video MPG File (1.61 MB) Maddox Foundry Casting, circa 1910, 360 Rotating View
Figuring Casting of G. R. Leynes Sr. First pattern maker at Maddox Foundry
MPG video clip by John Leynes © 2004

Video MPG File (2.46 MB) Seahhorse Key Lighthouse 360 Rotating View
Model of the Seahorse Key Light off Cedar Key Florida
MPG video clip by John Leynes © 2004

Video MPG File (992 KB) Norfolk & Western #611 Steam Locomotive
Video clip from the last run of the 611, Hendersonville N.C. Fall 1993
From video recorded by John Leynes © 1993