Florida Railroad Cities - Gainesville

Gainesville Florida, Named for General Gaines, who commanded troops in Florida, during the second Seminole war. The Florida Railroad completed tracks into Gainesville on Feb. 1st, 1859. The depot shown in the pictures below is along the old Florida Railroad Company route to Cedar Key. The right of way now has a rails to trails paved path over it.

Early train down middle of main street.
Photo source unknown.

Old Seaboard Railroad Depot Gainesville Florida - 3D Views
#11 - South East Corner View
#12 - South West Corner View # 1
#13 - South West Corner View # 2
#14 - West End View
#15 - North West Corner View # 1
#16 - North West Corner View # 2

The Haile Homestead and Plantation was established within 1/4 mile of the proposed route of the Florida Railroad.
Reliable shipping was a requirement for a successful plantation.
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Haile Homestead Panoramic View - South Side

Haile Homestead Panoramic View - North Side