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The FEC Streamliner - Henry M. Flagler
Image from Florida Photographic Collection

The second FEC St. Johns River Draw Bridge - Jacksonville Florida - 2005
The original bridge was completed in 1890, and transferred to the FEC in 1896.
New Acosta bridge and CSX building in background.

Complete 180 degree Panoramic Photo of the FEC Draw Bridge and St. Johns River - 2005
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3D Picture #20 - North Approach to FEC Drawbridge

Special thanks to Mr. Seth Bramson for identifying the first 4 of these pictures!

FEC Picture #001
Engine #20 & crew, Key West Extension.
FEC Picture #002
FEC yard near New Symrna Beach, Bldg # 590 on left.

FEC Picture #003
Engine #121 & crew.

FEC Picture #004
Work Camp at Marathon Key Florida.

FEC Picture #005
West India Fruit & Steamship Co. - Mechanical Car. View 1

FEC Picture #006
West India Fruit & Steamship Co. - Mechanical Car. View 2

FEC Picture #007
Wreckage in Brevard County due to sabotage in 1960's