The Florida Railroad Company Inc.
CSX Transportation - Pictures From ACL-SAL Post Merger Days

CSX Mother Ship from the St. John River
(Still replacing those Atlantic Coast Line blue panels in 2005)

The Seaboard Coast Line Railroad was created July 1 1967 as a result of the merger of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. In 1982, The Seaboard Coast Line Railroad became Seaboard System Railroad as a result of a merger with the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. The SCL and L&N had been under the common ownership of a holding company, Seaboard Coast Line Industries, the company's railroad subsidiaries being collectively known as the Family Lines System which comprised of the L&N, SCL, Clinchfield and West Point Routes. After the 1980 merger of SCI with the Chessie System, the resulting CSX Corporation combined the Family Lines System units as the Seaboard System Railroad and later became CSX when the former Chessie units were merged into it in 1986.

Headquarters building at the time of the Seaboard Systems designation.
Note part of the old Acosta bridge lift tower in lower right of photo.

Panoramic Photo of the West Jacksonville Yard - 2005
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The SCL Yukon Florida Station at NAS Jacksonville Florida ~1976

SCL 5110 and steel caboose at Starke Florida ~1983