The Florida Railroad Company Inc.
"Through The Heart Of The Swamp" (TM ) 2003 All Aboard !" Florida Corporation Certificate # P04000018802
Cedar Key 1884.
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Objectives & Goals

It has been a goal of mine for 10 years to reincorporate the old Florida Railroad Company. It has been a more specific goal to accomplish this since 1999. Dated documents and graphic artwork prints that I have created, bear this fact out. With the inception of the Yulee Railroad Days project in Alachua county late in 2003, the reincorporation of the company was initiated and achieved. See the links page for these other groups. It is the mission of The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated to reveal, interpret, commemorate and celebrate the significant contributions of The Florida Railroad to Florida history, past and present. This is to be accomplished through the publication on the web, and other media sources, of material I have researched and obtained, and in addition, the creation and sale of items bearing the Florida Railroad name and logo. Items of both present creations and historic recreations are being planned for sale to organizations and individuals.

One current effort underway is championing and promotion of the initiative for establishing a Florida Railroad Transportation Museum What is the most far reaching goal to be achieved? Reconstruct the extension to Cedar Key and operate steam trains over the line! You can be a part of this incredible plan! Get yourself and others involved, and promote the company and our goals! Tell others about this website! Contribute related materials and purchase promotional items from us! (See our Company Store) Develop railroad related items for sale through our company! The Florida Railroad Company encourages the independent creation and development of such items by artist, craftsmen, and others, and may offer incentives for such items.

 Volunteer Advisors
Florida Railroads Historian Mr. Larry Brennan Gainesville FL.
Florida East Coast Railway Historian Mr. Seth Bramson Miami FL.
Information Technology Advisor Mr. Jim Behr Jacksonville FL.
Forestry & Logging Advisor Mr. Bob Leynes Augusta GA.

Needed Advisors

Alachua County Railroad Historian - Bradford County Railroad Historian - Clay County Railroad Historian - Duval County Railroad Historian - Levy County Railroad Historian - Nassau County Railroad Historian -

The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated - Restricted Rights Notification

The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated is a legally incorporated, for-profit corporation, established February 20th 2003, under the laws of the State Of Florida. Documents have been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to secure the "Used in Commerce" Federal Trademark registration of this company's name and corporate logo symbol. Under these laws and the accompanying rights, The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated reserves the exclusive right to use of the name The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated, and its logo symbols. Use of the name or logo by any other entity is a violation of United States Federal Laws. Action will be sought against violators to protect these rights. No use of the name or logo is permitted, especially for commercial purposes, without the express written permission of The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated.

The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated will not pursue the un-permitted use of the name in general articles describing any past history or references to this railroad and its part in the formation of Florida's history, or other such reference usage. The Florida Railroad Company Incorporated will require permitted use and a reasonable license agreement for use of the name and or logo for any and all "new" use for commercial or other productions. These uses include, but are not limited to, items such as shirts, jackets, hats, pins, cups, flags, artwork and graphics prints, banners, jewelry, coins and medallions, brochures and web pages. Please contact the company if you have any questions. It is the intent of this company to be cooperative with artist, graphic designers and others in developing and marketing products that promote the history of the Florida Railroad. See the selection regarding development solicitation from entities outside of this company.

The Florida Railroad Company & John A. Leynes Jr., Hereby Posts Notice of Claim to Copyright For the following phrases, on or before January 2004: "The Last Train To Cedar Key" "The Cross State Line" "Through The Heart Of The Swamp" "Route Of The Gator" "The Gator Line"

For the following phrases, as of January 2005: "Remembering Railroads" "Florida Railroad Day" "Florida Railroad Days"

Supporters - Contributors - Benefactors

The Florida Railroad Company extends Grateful Thanks! and Heartfelt Appreciation! To the following individuals for their support and contributions!

Mr. Seth Bramson, Company Historian, Florida East Coast Railway, Miami FL.
Mr. Donald R. Hensley, Jr., Shortline Railroad Historian, Waynesburg, PA.
Mr. Jim Behr, Information Technology Advisor, Jacksonville FL.
Mrs. Melanie Barr, Alachua County Historian, Gainesville FL.
Mr. Chase Hope, Maddox Foundry & Machine Works, Archer FL.
Mr. Austin Crevasse, Prairie Creek Ranch, Rochelle Fl.
Mrs. L. E. (Carol) Crevasse Jr., Prairie Creek Ranch, Rochelle Fl.
Mr. Bill Howes, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Jacksonville FL.
Mr. Gus & Mrs. Marti Roese, Countertop Concepts, Jacksonville FL.
Mr. Ron Kolwak, The Tampa Tribune, Tampa FL.
Mrs. Kathy Winter, The Tampa Tribune, Tampa FL.
Mrs. Edith Hudson, The Hudson Family Collection, Greenville FL.
Mr. Rance O. Braley, Florida Historian, Archer, FL.
Mr. Joshua R. Katz Esq., East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.